Digital Age

It blows my mind to think what we’re capable of producing with present day technology.  We are only limited by our desire to learn and ambition to change the world by creating.  Ever since I bought my iPhone, it has revolutionized the way I do things and even view every day life.  I have become an avid Instagram user and the platform amazes me with the quality of images it produces.  The accessibility of email, the internet, and basically any app you could dream of is far too convenient, and at times even distracting!  

Although there are many pros to the Digital Age, there sure are a ton of cons.  It’s sad to think how dependent we are of technology and how it’s effecting us socially.  Recently, I was waiting in line at the local Post Office and a teenager was a few people behind me in line.  He had his head down, glued to his phone while holding a passport by his side.  Each time there woman at the desk finished with a customer she would ask, “Is there anyone with a passport?”.  I guess they attend to that need first, and this kid was clueless.  He wasn’t aware of their policy, and I was amused by his oblivion.  After five or six people had completed what they needed to do, it was his turn in line.  If he hadn’t had been on his phone so attentively, then he would have saved a good ten to fifteen minutes of waiting in line.  A key example of how technology may be distracting.  

Sure Social Media and building your network is great, but when you make that a priority over driving, it doesn’t fly with me.  Research has shown that driving while on your phone in any shape or form is more dangerous than driving drunk!  Often times I pass vehicles filled with people talking or looking down while driving and I can’t express how bad that irritates me.  Not only are you putting your life at risk, but others as well.  It’s time to be more responsible and conscious of our bad habits.  

Sorry for the rant!  Hope you’ve enjoyed it in some shape or form 🙂


So two days before my Flickr account was about to expire, I received this message from Getty Images asking for permission to  license some of my photos for commercial use.  I don’t get paid in full, but 30% of what they license to the client.  Time to get model releases signed and then submit the photos for review.  Soo excited for this to get goin!! 🙂